Opening 29th June

Dear Customers

The date is set: The 29th we’ll open up the door

With lots of hand wash, masks to wear, and markings on the floor.

The signs are up for all to see, we hope you will agree

For everybody’s safety, it’s the only way to be.

Our shelves are stocked with pretty things just longing to be owned,

But sadly due to lockdown rules, their purchase was postponed.

Handbags, scarves and jewellery, you could not  ask for more,

All pretty things you’ll want to buy, when shopping in our store.

The clothing we have put on sale, below full price we’re charging,

So join us for our summer sale and get yourself a bargain.

The clothes we’ll steam, keep pristine clean, to keep the germs at bay,

And if you try, but then don’t buy, we’ll take them off display.

We want to keep our public safe, we’ll do the best we can.

A pace more slow, as round you go, will help to keep all calm.

We ask you to keep distant from the customers nearby,

And use the sanitisers which we have in great supply.

 We all agree that we have missed the happy joyful chatter,

Of customers who grace our store and join us in a natter.

We’re eager to assist you choose an outfit or accessory,

While mindful of the Covid rules that we all know are necessary.

With guidance of the rules in place we welcome all on Monday.

And we’ll be open every day, including on a Sunday.

But if you’d rather shop alone, we’ll set a time to come

When you can shop just on on your own, or maybe bring one chum?

So if what you are missing, is a bit of retail time,

Our pretty things are real and not just pictures from online.

And if we do our job well and you leave our shop in style,

You’ll see us all at Pretty Things reward you with a smile!