Fabulous Florals August 02 2014

As a gardener I have always been inspired by flowers and in particular combining colours. Sometimes you plan a colour theme carefully and it works or alternatively a plant seeds itself and you get an interesting unexpected combination.

This particular planting was designed to hide an ugly fence and the scent of the sweet peas and roses waft over the nearby seating area.

Love of flowers also translates into love of printed floral fabrics and wearing clothing inspired by flowers. I was interested to read that the V&A Musuem has a piece of Chinese silk which has been painted with a floral pattern which dates from around 700 AD. This trend has been around for a very long time.

Today I can indulge my interest in all sorts of ways and have recently found Pinterest which for those who don't know it is almost a modern day scapbook. I have created a board to collect floral textile images that appeal to me - take a look.

Pretty Things has its share of floral prints. Our vintage inspired floral kimono/dressing gowns are very feminine but also very practical being 100% cotton. They come in a number of beautiful colours and floral patterns.

Relaxing in kimono

Masai Clothing is one of our most popular brands and they often have beautiful floral inspired prints as part of their range. This year this was one of the favourites, a subtle soft sage with cream rose pattern.

Masai Olympe dress

Sometimes subtle works wonderfully but just as at Great Dixter, a wonderful garden planted by renowned planstman Christopher Lloyd, bold brights can provide a visual feast. I love bold red poppies, fiery orange crocosmia and vibrant blue delphiniums - not usually all together. Areas of calm green  between the fiery colours make the garden more visually harmonious. While there are no hard and fast rules this idea of using bold colours as and accent can work well when putting an outfit together too. A black or navy shift dress can be totally transformed with a pop of vibrant pink whether a scarf or bag or both. Taisir Gibreel's beautiful colourful silk tunics do not need strong accessories - let the tunic do the talking.


All rules are set to be broken there are times when I love grouping strong contrasting colours. Think of a bowl of tulips in dark purple, deep pink and orange - wow. Similarly we had a customer in the shop recently wearing 3 chunky necklaces in bold colours which looked great and reflected her vivacious personality.

Bold wonderful colour


Now it is time to get back to the garden.