Kryptonite - my senior moment August 25 2014

I often have senior moments and one such 'moment' happened recently. A lovely young couple came into the shop late in the afternoon and she went directly to our jewellery case where she proceeded to try on some of the beautiful gemstone rings. She was loving each and every one of them and he was looking on fondly nodding and agreeing like a loving boyfriend should. I was feeling somewhat weary as it had been a long and busy day but I was enjoying their togetherness in choosing the ring. I know most of the gemstones and could tell them what they were - but then my senior moment happened. I became stuck on one and tried to rattle my brain for the name. Suddenly the name KRYPTONITE came forth and I thought nothing of it and neither did the young lady. However, I noticed that the young man's pallor had changed somewhat and he looked slightly uneasy and stepped back a little. I did wonder if it was because that particular one only seemed to fit her engagement finger and he perhaps wasn't quite ready for the marriage proposal? Eventually, she picked a lovely amethyst one that fitted her middle finger perfectly and they left the shop very happy.

As I drove home that evening it suddenly came to me - KRYPTONITE! - wasn't that what made Superman lose all his powers, made him weak and ineffectual? The poor young man - he would know that of course - would have grown up with watching the movies. No wonder he'd paled at the thought of her choosing that ring! I'm afraid I spent a good part of that journey chuckling to myself and hoping that I hadn't traumatised the young man too much.

For those of you who want to know - The name of the gemstone is KYANITE.