The Highs and Lows of Lockdown

The Highs and Lows of Lockdown

Who would have imagined we would all be confined to home for seven weeks and counting? Its had its ups and downs. There have been days when I've appreciated not rushing around, fitting in work, family, appointments, social gatherings, shopping, housework etc, and then there have days where I've missed all of the above...except perhaps housework.

There has been much more time to do lovely indulgent things, like going for a walk, reading books, baking, and things that have been forever put off, like sorting out vast quantities of photographs, tidying kitchen cupboards, rescuing neglected bits of the garden. 

One of the lovely local walks in brilliant sunshine.

There has been time to do work outs, dust off the bicycle and discover car free lanes, though the hope that I would end up fitter and healthier has been countered by all the baking and the odd glass of wine. There have been lots of Whats App messages and GIFs, Zoom quizzes and Skype cocktails, but it would be so nice to gather family and friends together for a massive party. 

Dress up Friday! You've got to make entertainment where you can.

Dealing with the new reality for Pretty Things has had highs and lows. I could never have imagined that a thriving business could stop in an instant, but we have been forced out of our comfort zone and embraced technology to keep in touch. Irene and I are not of the tech/whizz generation but we managed to get our website relaunched, with only a little input from clever children, so we are patting ourselves on the back for that.

We really appreciate the orders we are getting - it makes a difference.  I am looking forward to getting back to the shop, in June perhaps, but with lots of changes to protect staff and customers. 

There have been many low moments, and I have discovered that looking at the news on an ipad in the middle of the night is a bad idea! However there have been so many good things.

Among them is appreciating nature - we regularly get visits from a red squirrel. He must have been there before but I was too busy to notice. 

Take care everyone, we hope its' not too long until you can have little jaunt to St Andrews, where we will make you very welcome indeed. 







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